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Amanda 7.4 Release Features More than 60 Enhancements
July 24, 2019
By Calytera

As part of our ongoing mission to build the world’s best govtech software, we regularly make changes and enhancements to our Amanda software platform. Since we began following an agile methodology and pragmatic marketing framework about a year ago, we’ve been able to increase the velocity and increase the quality of those enhancements.

Twice a year we issue a “major release” that consolidates all of the engineering releases (made about every four weeks) into one update, which is available to all Amanda customers. Last week our latest major release — Amanda 7.4.0 became available.

The update includes more than 60 enhancements and over 150 fixes. Enhancements include improvements in search functionality, user experience, financial management and expansion of REST web services (which enhances interoperability between systems, further improving Amanda’s ability to interact with multiple services a government may be using while managing task-based processes). Highlights of fixes include updates to folder sequences, calendar integration, and next val functionality for our MS-SQL customers (which enables them to better work with unique number generation).

Additionally, for Amanda Courts and Justice users, Amanda 7.4 introduces separate management for eFiling users, online payment of eFiling fees and watermarking of filed PDF documents.

We’re excited to offer these improvements to our customers and will continue to advance Amanda, our industry-leading enterprise platform for governments. If you are a current customer ready to make the upgrade to Amanda 7, or if you work within government and need software that can help you manage and attract growth to your community, please let us know.