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Amanda Editions Freedom of Information Product Guide Now Available
July 23, 2019
By Calytera

Recently, we launched a new Amanda Freedom of Information (FOI) Solution to help governments successfully operate and scale their information disclosure services. As the number of FOI requests from citizens continues to increase, government professionals are looking for a technology solution that will help them meet these requests while protecting the security and privacy of critical information and meet rigorous reporting and compliance requirements. To help government professionals better understand the key features and benefits of our solution, we developed the Amanda FOI Product Guide.

The Amanda FOI Solution includes enterprise case management functionality that can easily scale to manage FOI operations for any size government. It also includes advanced analytics and reporting tools that help make operations and compliance reporting easier, more efficient, and more responsive to citizen requests.

And, importantly, the Amanda FOI Solution provides an industry-leading, integrated redaction capability that enables governments to review and securely redact sensitive information from electronic documents. The capability also provides role-based access control to securely manage user privileges, which helps keep sensitive information secure, especially when multiple departments are involved in responding to citizen FOI requests.

If your government needs a solution to manage FOI requests securely and efficiently, we would love to help — contact us today to set up an Amanda demo.