Amanda Editions

Enterprise Platform for Smarter Government

Modern User Interface

Empower users with a responsive, browser agnostic user interface that helps modernize and automate your business processes.

Online Services for Citizens

Provide easy-to-use online services to your citizens with the Citizen Portal.

Native Mobile Apps

Includes mobile apps that enable inspectors to complete an entire case in the field and contractors to manage permits on the go.

Enterprise Grade Security

Security features including industry-standard encryption and role-based access

Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy in the cloud or on-premises.

Feature-rich Editions

Multiple feature-rich editions tailored to meet your needs.


Permitting & Compliance

Improve the efficiency of permitting, inspections, and code enforcement to attract and manage community growth.


Automate and modernize licensing programs for any type of license or registration.

Freedom of Information

Improve citizen responsiveness and compliance by efficiently and securely responding to FOI requests.

Courts & Justice

Automate and manage court and jury processes and workflows and securely share relevant data online.

Grants Management

Build, deliver, and administer all aspects of grant programs using an enterprise case management solution.

Higher Education

Automate curriculum management and provide students the ability to select courses and track progress towards degrees.


Improved Citizen Services

Securely supports online and mobile service delivery to citizens, businesses, and third parties.

Increased Revenue

Helps you attract and manage growth and provide outstanding services to citizens.

Security & Privacy Protection

Amanda secures data access to authorized users with audit trails and role-based access permissions.

Reduced Costs

Helps you reduce costs by eliminating expensive legacy applications and improving efficiency.

Application Consolidation

Amanda maps business processes across departments and enables disparate systems to converge.

Improved Efficiency

Increases productivity by digitizing and automating business processes.

Increased Mobile Workforce Productivity

Enables employees to complete entire inspections in the field with mobile devices.

Improved Financial Management

Integrates with financial management systems and can serve as the central payment processing system.

Amandaâ„¢ Editions is ready for you.

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