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GovTech Solutions Series: Building a Truly Smart Community – Principle One — Digitize All Data
May 8, 2019
By Calytera

Our latestGovTech Solutions Series paper, which takes a deeper look at the first principle of creating a truly smart community, “digitizing all data,” is available today.

Principle One: Digitizing All Data

A community must digitize all the data they have and will have and combine them into a standard data set. That means data from legacy systems cannot be left behind.

Several challenges face today’s government technology professional tasked with a data migration and digitization exercise including:

· Most state and local governments are working with legacy systems that hold valuable data.

· Those governments are also working with multiple “smokestacks” of technology that may or may not communicate with each other.

· The increasing growth of data available to governments further challenges govIT professionals.

While there is a cost to governments in harnessing, migrating, and standardizing the data they currently have, the benefits outweigh those costs:

· A common data set removes duplication of effort between departments and functions inside the same government.

· Accessing and then using both historic and “new” data gives greater insight into trends which can help with future planning.

· The more accessible and useful a government’s data set is, the more it can be relied on to make strategic decisions about growth.

Today’s government CIO will need leadership ability, a talented team (especially professionals with data analysis and management skills), and resources to manage a successful migration and digitization exercise.

The paperalso looks at two scenarios where government use of a common data set can increase the efficiency of operations and therefore help attract growth to a community.

In future papers, we’ll be examining the other three principles of building a truly “smart” community. The GovTech Solutions Series tackles topics important to government technology professionals as they seek to build safe and prosperous communities — if there is a topic you would like to see covered, please let us know!