freedom of information & privacy compliance


Freedom of Information


Improve citizen responsiveness and compliance by efficiently and securely responding to FOI requests.


Enterprise Case Management

  • Easily manage and digitize all stages of a request, including intake, correspondence, document management, and payments.

Securely Involve External Users

    • The Collaboration Portal enables external users to review and complete requested actions on case files assigned to them.

Integrated Redaction, OCR and Document Conversion

  • Includes industry-leading sever, annotation, automated OCR scan, and advanced search capabilities.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

  • Creates a detailed audit log that captures every user action against a file and maintains the status of every image, redaction, page, and request.

Feature-rich Editions

  • Feature-rich editions tailored to meet your needs.

Online Services for Citizens

  • The Requestor Portal enables citizens to manage information requests online.

Amanda empowers government agencies with Freedom of Information & Privacy Compliance Solutions

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