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GovTech Solution Series: Building a Truly Smart Community
April 4, 2019
By Calytera

We released our latest GovTech Solutions Series paper today focused on Building a Truly Smart Community. This is something that many government CIOs and professionals are being tasked to do so that their communities reap the benefits of improved public safety, public health, economic growth and more. You can read the full paper on our site.

A “smart community” is one that uses information and communication technologies to enhance the quality and performance of urban services, such as energy, transportation, and utilities, to reduce resource consumption, waste, and overall costs while improving the citizens’ quality of life.

We believe there are four bedrock principles to creating “smart” communities:

1) A community must digitize all the data they have and will have and combine them into a standard data set. That means data from legacy systems cannot be left behind.

2) A community must invest in Internet of Things devices (such as sensors to detect traffic patterns) to generate real-time data.

3) That data must be analyzed in the most efficient way possible so that actionable steps are taken. This is why it’s important to invest in AI that can properly evaluate data as quickly and effectively as possible.

4) Security and transparency must be prioritized when collecting data from citizens. Data must be handled and used in the right ways.

In our future GovTech Solutions Series articles, we’ll be looking more closely at each of the four principles for creating a truly smart community. If there are topics you would like to hear about, let us know! You can contact us here.

If your government is ready to build a smart community, we would love to help. Contact us today to set up a demo of our Amanda platform, or to take a preview before we talk, visit our short Amanda product overview video.