Higher Education

Transfer Navigator

Process transfers easily and comply with legislative requirements for granting credits.

Efficiently manage transfer information for your institution

    • Validate and track data automatically and enable access to degree audits for applicability to help students evaluate transfer credits.
    • Equip advisors and administrators with necessary tools to provide proper guidance and expedite transfer approvals.
    • Access your data with Navigator Suites Insights dashboards and reporting.

Support student mobility within state systems

    • Realize cross-institutional transfer articulations agreements.
    • Run student academic history against multiple institutions.
    • Capture transfer student interest and facilitate follow-up.

Integrated with Navigator Suite

    • Integrates seamlessly with Degree Navigator to leverage your transfer articulations in your degree audits.
    • Manage your degree and transfer data in a single repository.

Navigator Suite for Curriculum, Catalog, Degree and Transfer.

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