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Improving your Citizens’ Customer Experience with Digitization
July 22, 2020
By Calytera

Our collective focus over the past several months has justifiably been on responses to the pandemic. Governments, while still facing the effects of COVID on their communities, likely face several months of adjustments at least until it is safe enough to relax social distancing. At some point, we will settle into the “next normal” and the attention of governments can turn back to how best to attract and manage growth of their communities and keep them safe.   

Governments were already facing the need to transform before the pandemic to become more citizen-centric and modern in their approach to providing services. Response to the pandemic, and the resulting economic challenges, has made this transformation both more challenging, and more critical for governments. To be successful, governments will need to attract growth post-pandemic. 

Communities that are considered “great places to live” – as measured by countless reports — attract new businesses and residents – in turn stimulating economic growth, and with it, tax bases. Very often “quality of life” is the determining factor to ranking and governments can tremendously affect that by making sure the customer experience of their citizens is stellar. 

Providing great citizen experience requires several things of governments including: making sure it as easy as possible for citizens and businesses to conduct needed interactions with government, making services and information available online, and providing an intuitive, modern online interface for citizens, businesses, and government employees. The first step for governments is to digitize all data, collect it into one central dataset, and make sure the data is accessible and actionable. 

Undergoing digitization — and making services available online — allows governments to make sure citizens and businesses have a common (and positive) experience working with all departments of a government. 

That common experience enables: 

  • A single need to collect data from citizens and businesses. (Consider the business that has already filed for a license to operate needing to provide basic contact information when applying for a permit for a special event. That redundant data entry request would be inefficient and frustrating.) 
  • Fewer data-entry errors, and less time spent on low-level tasks like data entry and validation by government employees, allowing them to focus on higher-value work. 
  • The ability of governments to see a 360-degree view of their citizens’ interactions with government. That helps identify activity that will contribute to revenue growth, and areas where further efficiency in government operations is needed. 
  • And the ability to collect and analyze macro data from the community. In turn that identifies trends, opportunities for revenue growth, and future needs of the community. 

Effectively achieving digitization and transforming government to be available online with a standardized experience requires an enterprise platform. One that is flexible enough to be used to manage current processes across various departments, expandable enough to account for the large number of regulatory type activities that governments typically manage, easy to use, and scalable for growth. In this current environment it also needs to be affordable. Today the options of using Software as a Service (SaaS), leveraging the cloud, and platforms that are interoperable with other software and online tools are more available than ever which has put enterprise platforms within reach of governments of all sizes and budgets. 

If you are ready to digitize your operations or considering how an enterprise platform can make your operations more efficient and better able to provide a great customer experience, we would love to help. Contact us today to organize a demonstration.