Calytera Blog
More Than A Title, New Approach Better Reflects Our Customer Commitment
September 12, 2019
By Christian Foster

William S. Burroughs is often credited with the quote, “When you stop growing, you start dying.” In today’s ever-changing business world that has certainly never been truer for companies. Growth is absolutely a key to our future, but also one of our important goals. That’s because we believe governments deserve and need the best technology — and we want to bring more and more of them the technology to build safe and prosperous communities.

One way we can grow and help more customers is to become more agile. Our product technology teams are already using agile working methodologies and the benefits to customers are clear. Our releases come out much more frequently (about once every four weeks) and with increased quality.

Now it’s time to apply our agile methodologies to how we work with customers and interact with governments that aren’t customers yet but could benefit from using our Amanda platform. It’s always been important for marketing and sales to work closely together — in any organization. But we can be more efficient with limited resources in how we introduce ourselves to potential customers while continuing to grow relationships with our existing ones.

What that means for us, is that we’re more closely integrating our sales and marketing teams and both of those teams have started reporting to me. And, I’m excited to take on the new role of Chief Growth Officer. It’s a change that better reflects the deep commitment to customers we’ve always had.

For customers and governments that may become customers — nothing changes. Our mission to build you the world’s best govtech software and our commitment to wow you remain core to how we do business. We’re going to continue to be agile and move fast to serve you.

We’re not the first company to create a CGO — in fact, it’s a little humbling to be in the company of Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Hyatt, and more. We’re not comparable in size or industry to those companies, but just as focused on our customers in all we do. I’m confident it’s a move that will keep us growing and help many more governments grow and improve their communities.