Case Study

Oakville, ON

The town of Oakville is a lakeside community within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The town has a tourism industry of $88 million, attracting more than 1.4 million visitors annually.

The Challenge

Prior to using AMANDA, Oakville had a manual system for licensing. That required applicants to complete a form and submit it to the municipal office. Then the paperwork passed from one person to the other. The process was difficult; accuracy, productivity and customer levels were affected.

The Solution

In 1999, Oakville implemented AMANDA Licensing.  All steps to process license applications were managed by AMANDA.  Each department has access to information from other departments, except in cases where the information has to remain private, by law.

The Details

With the AMANDA Licensing module Oakville’s Licensing and By-Law section has become more organized. All workflow to process a license is automated and scheduled, including reminder notices and renewals. Staff now access business or occupational licenses by submission date or license number using AMANDA’s to-do lists. The system alerts staff about all due or past items. These features have made Oakville more efficient and productive.  AMANDA ensures all requirements are met when anyone applies for a license.

Licenses have an expiry date; expired licenses are renewed in a batch process. If someone has multiple license types, a single renewal notice is used for all licenses associated with that person. Oakville AMANDA Administrators can administer an unlimited number of license types and add new types when needed. AMANDA tracks all payments.  Outstanding balances are highlighted.

Oakville administrators set up limitations and permissions so that specific information is encrypted to keep it private and confidential. The Licensing Manager has access to all functions, while other sections only have read-only access.

Oakville uses AMANDA to track customer service issues where they receive complaints or requests relating to licensing and by-law enforcement.  Users look up history such as business license details, previous requests, and complaints lodged.

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