Case Study

The City of Bellevue, Washington

The City of Bellevue, Washington is a rapidly growing urban area outside Seattle in King County with a population of around 117,000.

The Challenge

Problems with Y2K Compatibility.

Department silos prevented information sharing between departments.

The Solution

CSDC Systems’ enterprise solution, AMANDA, was used in all their departments and aided in the formation of their inter-departmental Development Services Group to help sharing and collaboration between departments. Bellevue also used AMANDA to track fire inspections. Needless to say, their new solution is Y2K compatible and Bellevue is looking to integrate the AMANDA platform in other business areas.

The Details

The city’s newly-formed Development Services Department is charged with a range of municipal functions related to building development.  These include Building, Fire, Transportation, Utilities and Planning. The Department’s objective is to efficiently increase Bellevue’s growth.

Until 1999 the city was using an old software solution. That system was inefficient in reporting flexibility and was not Y2K compatible. Also, each department used its own separate database, preventing the sharing of information between groups. With these problems in mind, management decided to explore new software. After issuing an RFP and researching the options, the City selected CSDC Systems’ enterprise business process automation solution, AMANDA. In 2006, the city also started using AMANDA to manage its Annual Fire Inspection process.

The City of Bellevue implemented CSDC’s building permitting system in each department. It created the inter-departmental Development Services Group in 2003.  Permit processing was a challenge for Bellevue in the past; the problem was information sharing between departments. AMANDA made permit processing simpler, integrated and efficient.  All the data used used by the Development Services Group is stored in the same place. It is easily shared by all those who have an active user account.

AMANDA also keeps inspectors informed about building inspections.  Relevant information related to each day’s inspection is printed using Crystal Reports. Inspection results are posted from the field to AMANDA over the telephone, using IVR technology. Inspectors are given individual PIN numbers to ensure confidentiality. The PIN’s are encrypted and stored using the table-driven functionality of AMANDA.

Bellevue’s Annual Fire Inspections are also automated.  The Fire Department conducts annual fire suppression inspections for all commercial businesses.  They used to store information such as property, tenant, and owner information in a database that proved insufficient for their needs. Some inspection-related results were still recorded on paper and were entered into the system by administrative personnel; a method that was inefficient and was prone to inaccuracy.  The Fire Department’s inspectors now track data from the building to the unit level with IVR technology, posting results from the field. The Fire Inspection results are stored in confidential folders within AMANDA, can be viewed only by authorized fire personnel.

The city of Bellevue plans to build on the Fire Inspector’s use of AMANDA and integrate more features to make the process more and more efficient.

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