Case Study

The City of Surrey

Looking for an end-to-end business process automation solution, the City of Surrey implemented AMANDA in 2005.

The Challenge

Update an outdated Wang System.

The Solution

AMANDA helps Surrey’s Land Development Department by reducing inter-office memos and phone calls, allowing team members to access the system from anywhere.

The Details

The decision to replace the outdated Wang system with AMANDA was initiated due to requirements from CIty management to change business processes and shorten processing times.   

“The initial idea was to take Wang functionality and simply convert it into AMANDA. When the business process changed to create efficiencies within the division that weren’t possible anymore – we ended up having to sit down and rework the modules to meet the new business requirements.”

Rick Bull, Project Manager in the Engineering Department Land Development Division

AMANDA made the transition smooth and easy in what had become a large-scale project. AMANDA’s Administrator interface made it possible for the the CIty and CSDC team to add business logic throughout the implementation process.

“It’s so easy to make changes in AMANDA. If staff asked for changes that we didn’t realize up front, AMANDA was reconfigured very quickly to meet their needs. It got AMANDA into the hands of the Land Development project managers sooner, so they started to get a sense of the software and could use that knowledge for their further work in designing the system.”

AMANDA has now become an integral part of how the City of Surrey does business.

AMANDA helps the City in major ways:

– Reduce both inter-office memos and phone calls between departments

– Access the system from anywhere

– Track projects and to-do lists throughout the land  development lifecycle

“Checklists serve almost as a training tool, a reminder of the steps you need to take to complete the business process.”

Laurie Adams, Application Analyst with Surrey’s Information Technology Division

Flexibility in the usage of the AMANDA software has meant a lot to the development team staff of Surrey. It means that there is no right or wrong way for the staff to use AMANDA; they can find their own way of using it. Administrative staff configure the software per their own best-suited needs.

“A lot of people don’t know really simple features of AMANDA, and they’re blown away when they’re shown.”

Laurie Adams, Application Analyst with Surrey’s Information Technology Division

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