Case Study

St. Paul, MN

The City of St Paul wanted to provide electronic services to members of the public, but the project was not approved by council. The cost to build and support e-government site was too high.

The Challenge

Provide cost-efficient services for licensing and permitting that doesn’t bog down resources and allows the City of St. Paul to continue providing quality service to its citizens.

The Solution

CSDC’s OneStopGov service was the perfect fit for St. Paul’s needs. CSDC’s solution integrated with the city’s existing website to allow permitting applications and transactions to be processed online. Currently the city handles over 350 permits per month and 80% of these permits are being processed online, freeing up resources to be used elsewhere.

The Details

The City adopted a hosted model that would integrate transactions into its existing website and database. Using CSDC’s OneStopGov e-government software the city could connect AMANDA to the Internet at a fraction of the cost of doing it themselves. The system was a great success for the City and extremely useful for the contractors.

The online permitting system of St Paul, called Permit Online, is provided through CSDC’s OneStopGov product.  OneStopGov gives the City the same benefits that it would get by building its own system. It saves the costs involved in building and operating the service and reduces the time needed to implement the service. With OneStopGov, the City has full control of who is allowed secure access to City information. The City controls the transaction details, payment details and the look and feel of the website to make sure that the service fits seamlessly into the City Portal.

The City of St Paul started using OneStopGov for online permits in February 2001. By 2004 they had issued 10,000 permits and collected over a million dollars in fees, 3.5 years after offering online services. This record was broken when they collected another million in fees in just 1 year and 8 months. St Paul achieved tremendous efficiency by allowing clients to enter their own data and by automatically approving specific permits. It saved around 3,945 hours of work since the launch of their site. It changed the way contractors and citizens interact with the City. The system is also more safe and secure than traditional submissions of permits.

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