City of Surrey wins AMANDA Innovation Award

We are thrilled to honor Surrey and recognize their innovation, vision and success using AMANDA™ technology solutions.

During CSDC’s 2015 annual user’s Collaboration and Training Conference (CTAC) which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada customers were honored for their continued support and successes using our citizen-centric software solutions

In recognition and appreciation of customer successes and innovation, CSDC presents an annual Innovation Award.

The 2015 Innovation Award winner in the technology category was given to the City of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada for the implementation of Traffic Obstruction Permit Road Booking System (TOPRBS).

The City uses AMANDA as a tool to manage and track the business flow of the City’s traffic obstruction data. AMANDA has been configured to capture traffic obstruction permits and related road booking requests. Using website external users can log in to AMANDA and submit a request to book the road associated with their permit for select dates. This request is tracked in an AMANDA process routed to display in the City’s GIS. AMANDA has been configured to identify any conflicts between road segments already occupied by other permit holders. These roads are shown as unavailable to other permit holders. Automatic approval of the request process has been configured in AMANDA, which reduces approval turnaround times. Upon approval, AMANDA automatically sends an email to the requester listing the approved requests at the end of each day.

As part of the TOPRBS project, AMANDA was used in innovative way to solve the business unit’s needs to not only integrate into the City’s existing workflow and create the permits, but also serve as a system to manage the ongoing use of the permits. AMANDA’s ability to integrate with 3rd party software expanded the possibilities of achieving the business unit’s goals and in many respects exceeded their expectations.

Dan Mishra, CEO of CSDC said, “We are thrilled to honor Surrey and recognize their innovation, vision and success using AMANDA™ technology solutions. We look forward to the year ahead and once again honoring customers who create new and signification developments and successfully demonstrate outstanding uses of our technology and contributions to the industry.”

About CSDC

CSDC provides automation software to government agencies, with the most flexible platform on the market backed by a modern mobile and web user experience and highly responsive support delivery. With more than 20 years of experience in developing their Amanda platform, the company helps government agencies operate more efficiently and effectively by automating Licensing, Permits, Compliance, and Freedom of Information requests.

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