CSDC Celebrates 25 Years helping government and private firms

CSDC Systems and Unisys to implement a modern digital government platform using AMANDA and the Unisys InfoImage CMS

Established in 1990 by Dan Mishra (now currently Chairman), the company’s humble roots were started by providing process automation systems to municipal government organisations in the Ontario and Maritimes regions of Canada. Since then, CSDC has expanded its customer base right across Canada, into several state and local governments across the USA, several Caribbean island nations, and internationally with customer bases in India, West Africa, and Australia.

CSDC’s product suite has also grown significantly with several strategic acquisitions that have expanded the commercial-off-the-shelf offerings to include: Courts & Justice Automation (JEMS), Grants Management (Grantium), Freedom of Information and Access to Information (Privasoft), and Higher Education Curriculum Management and Academic Advising (Decision Academic).

The ease of use, power and flexibility of the AMANDA platform of products has led to the development of approximately 3,000 e-government solutions. As a truly global company with customers, partners, and operations in several countries, CSDC Systems is well positioned to continue with the expansion of its AMANDA e-government platform that will enable our customers to engage with their citizens with greater ease, speed and efficiency.

Thank you to the incredible staff and management and thanks our loyal customers for their vision and ongoing support from the Chairman on behalf of the board.

About CSDC

CSDC provides automation software to government agencies, with the most flexible platform on the market backed by a modern mobile and web user experience and highly responsive support delivery. With more than 20 years of experience in developing their Amanda platform, the company helps government agencies operate more efficiently and effectively by automating Licensing, Permits, Compliance, and Freedom of Information requests.

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