Calytera Launches New Amanda California Environmental Health Solution

Fresno County Expands Use of Amanda,

Public Health Department Will Use New Solution

Austin, Texas, January 28, 2019
California county officials responsible for managing environmental health programs and meeting state-mandated guidelines for environmental health reporting now have a solution to make that process easier and more efficient. CSDC has introduced a new Amanda California Environmental Health Solution that helps public officials manage county programs that protect environmental health and report to the state-required California Environmental Reporting System (CERS). CSDC is working with Fresno County’s Department of Public Health, which will use the new solution and implementation is underway. The Fresno County Department of Public Works is currently using Amanda to manage services. Recently the county’s Board of Supervisors approved expanded use of Amanda so that the Department of Public Health can use the solution to manage their environmental health program and services.
“Public officials across California are working hard to protect the health of the environment for their citizens. This solution makes that important work as well as the reporting process much easier and more efficient – so that these public servants can invest their time in high-value work, said CSDC CEO Erin Mulligan Nelson. “We’re thrilled to already be working with Fresno County as they expand their use of Amanda and implement this solution that is now available to any California county or city.” The California Health and Safety Code sets the environmental health reporting requirements of the state’s counties. Counties report adherence to and performance against those requirements through CERS. Nearly every California county, and a few California cities have a public health department that manages permitting and reporting for a wide range of activities. Key areas these departments cover are hazardous materials, food and agriculture, solid waste operations, air, water and noise quality, recreational health (e.g. public swimming pools), and business regulations. Additionally, the California Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPA) is responsible for keeping regulations regarding handling and disposal of hazardous waste and communicates those requirements to state counties through CERS. The process of monitoring the latest requirements and reporting on such a wide variety of activities can be very time consuming and inefficient for county governments. CSDC’s new environmental health solution built on its enterprise-grade Amanda platform, helps California counties efficiently manage all business processes necessary to successfully operate an environmental health program. The secure, enterprise solution can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. Features include:
  • Two-way integration with CERS
  • More than 25 best practice templates for environmental health permits
  • Portal that offers citizens and businesses online access to government services
  • A mobile app for inspectors
  • An open API for integration with existing systems.
The solution also helps users improve efficiency through several features including environmental health permit best-practice templates, the flexibility to easily create purpose-built workflows to meet unique program needs, and two-way integration with the top six tiers of CERS, providing county agencies with automated progress reporting and a continually updated violation library and set of data fields. Inspectors will also be able to securely manage an entire case in the field using a mobile app. It also provides a secure portal for citizens and businesses to access government services online, including applying for permits, paying fees and scheduling inspections. The California Environmental Health Solution was created to make it easier for California local governments to comply with state-requirements. Similar solutions are available for other state, provincial and regional requirements to make it possible for those local governments to more efficiently manage their services and adhere to reporting requirements. “The flexibility of Amanda makes it possible both to build solutions as robust as the California Environmental Health Solution, and for governments to integrate these types of solutions into their current use of Amanda for permitting, compliance and licensing work,” continued Nelson.

The California Environmental Health Solution was created
to make it easier for California local governments to 
comply with state-requirements.

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