Nova Scotia launches Freedom of Information Solution built on CSDC’s AMANDA 7 platform


JUNE, 2016

On March 31 2016, Nova Scotia launched a new cloud based, province wide, Freedom of Information Case Management Solution built on CSDC’s AMANDA 7 platform

This new solution was implemented by CSDC Partner, Unisys, in under 9 weeks. Unisys is also hosting and supporting the solution within the Unisys Canadian Government Cloud.

The new solution is designed to address the challenges that the Nova Scotia Information Access and Privacy (IAP) office faces on a daily basis, including:

  • Requests volumes increasing annually, particularly during peak periods
  • Rising costs for photocopying, mailing and labour as a result of manual and paper intensive processes
  • Individual provincial departments working in isolation with differing policy and inconsistent outcomes
  • Difficulty demonstrating compliance to legislated mandates and timelines

The new solution will enable the IAP office staff to:

  • Accurately record the processing times for each process involved in responding to an Information Request and to identify bottlenecks and areas for process improvement
  • Improve staff productivity and streamline decision making
  • Collaborate more easily with offices of primary interest (OPI’s), e.g. other departments
  • Reduce liability risks including unintentional information disclosure
  • Empower officers to make better informed and more consistent decisions
  • Reduce or eliminate paper processes
  • Automate reporting and document generation activities

Nova Scotia’s Enterprise Standard

The Nova Scotia Government has implemented the AMANDA Software Suite as the provincial enterprise standard for all Licenses, Permits, Applications, Registrations, Inspections and other Case Management. Since 1999, these applications have supported thousands of internal government users and securely processed millions of citizen and business transactions. AMANDA is one of the most extensively used business applications in the Nova Scotia Government. AMANDA AccessPro is the latest module to be implemented by the Nova Scotia government.

About Nova Scotia Information Access and Privacy (IAP) Office

Information Access and Privacy (IAP) Services is a division of the Information, Communications and Technology Services (ICTS) within the Department of Internal Services. The unit was established on April 1, 2015 as a result of the consolidation of all resources from multiple departments. We are responsible for the administration of the FOIPOP legislation on behalf of our client departments. Through strategic leadership and collaboration, we act as a corporate unit to help all government departments manage their operations for access and privacy.

We strive to balance the right of citizens to access information, with government’s obligation to protect the confidential and personal information about Nova Scotians that is in government’s custody and control.

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About Unisys

Unisys is a global information technology company that works with many of the world’s largest companies and government organizations to solve their most pressing IT and business challenges. Unisys specializes in providing integrated, leading-edge solutions to clients in the government, financial services and commercial markets. With more than 20,000 employees serving clients around the world, Unisys offerings include cloud and infrastructure services, application services, security solutions, and high-end server technology.

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About CSDC

CSDC provides automation software to government agencies, with the most flexible platform on the market backed by a modern mobile and web user experience and highly responsive support delivery. With more than 20 years of experience in developing their Amanda platform, the company helps government agencies operate more efficiently and effectively by automating Licensing, Permits, Compliance, and Freedom of Information requests.