Case Study

The Oklahoma Accountancy Board

The Oklahoma Accountancy Board (OAB) is charged with safeguarding the public welfare by prescribing and regulating the professional conduct of individual registrants, and registered firms authorized to engage in the practice of public accounting in the State of Oklahoma.

The Challenge

• Consolidation of Master Data

• Integration with NASBA/ PeopleSoft/

• Inefficient Business Processes

• Online Application/Renewals

• Management Tracking

The Solution

Implement AMANDA to automate the licensing renewal process, manage the application lifecycle, track continuing education and certification, improve reporting and business intelligence and provide a single enterprise platform for all State licensing agencies. The AMANDA solution supports Oklahoma’s efforts to become a more efficient and business friendly environment.

he Details

Originally OAB oversaw the full life cycle of a licensee through two SQL databases and unique user interfaces, named ARSYS and CANSYS. The databases stored roughly 1,000 active candidates, 12,000 practicing CPA/PAs and 1,000 public accounting firms.  They contained outdated functionality and logic. The need for a centralized database and a more automated approach to license management was apparent. Through discovery sessions with Subject Matter Experts and CSDC, five specific concerns were documented:

• Consolidation of Master Data

• Integration with NASBA/ PeopleSoft/

• Inefficient Business Processes

• Online Application/Renewals

• Management Tracking

 On June 27, 2011, the Oklahoma Accountancy Board (OAB), in conjunction with the Office of State Finance (OSF), entered into an engagement with CSDC to implement AMANDA for a Statewide En­terprise Licensing Management System. Through multiple iterations of modeling, prototype, design, analysis and end user training, CSDC provided a solution that can meet the demands while providing efficiencies and overall effectiveness of OAB’s workflow.

AMANDA is a proven solution used throughout North America by governments, at all levels, to automate licensing business pro­cesses including application reviews, exams, renewals, audits, fees, complaints, investigations, legal action, and compliance activities. The AMANDA platform enables government licensing and regulatory bodies to improve efficiency, transparency, citizen services, and public safety even in an era characterized by shrinking budgets and limited resources.


Implementing AMANDA supports OAB’s efforts to be a more efficient and business friendly environment by:

• Automating the licensing renewal process

• Simplifying the configuration to meet changes in legislation as needed

• Adding online functionality to the application lifecycle

• Tracking continuing education and certification

• Improving reporting and business intelligence

• Providing a single enterprise platform for all State licensing agencies


The key benefit of AMANDA is the ability to provide a flexible and configurable design within a proven framework. Existing workflow can be configured within AMANDA to provide fewer change management issues. The AMANDA platform addresses OAB’s concerns through:

Consolidation of Master Data

AMANDA consolidates all master data relating to property, people, assets, and vehicles into a single database. AMANDA connects Master Data to track such things as fees, documents, attachments, conditions, and violations, or any number of user defined fields.

Dynamic Work-flow Engine

AMANDA’s powerful dynamic work-flow engine enables OAB to control and improve the management of tasks and activities for all staff in all locations. It also allows agencies to improve or re-engineer business processes.

Integration with NASBA/ PeopleSoft/

Through AMANDA EAI, the platform provides a number of configurable, web-services based integration adaptors for Financial & Accounting Systems, GIS, Electronic Document Manage­ment, HR, IVR (phone pay, compliance letters), Federal Statistics (e-file), Legacy Systems, and other third party systems.

Online Application/Renewals

AMANDA’s fully integrated, configurable online services module, AMANDA Public Portal, allows the OAB and citizens to safely and securely apply for, submit, track, manage, and pay for applications online.  

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