Two Scholarship Awards for University Alberta’s IAPP Program by CSDC

CSDC Systems and Unisys to implement a modern digital government platform using AMANDA and the Unisys InfoImage CMS

This program equips students with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to become effective information rights administrators.

CSDC is proud to support this program by offering individuals an award in recognition of excellence in IAPP Program to help enrich the information access professional community. At $500 each, two scholarships will be awarded; one to a Canadian and one to an international student with excellent academic achievement who have completed the IAPP Program.

About CSDC

CSDC provides automation software to government agencies, with the most flexible platform on the market backed by a modern mobile and web user experience and highly responsive support delivery. With more than 20 years of experience in developing their Amanda platform, the company helps government agencies operate more efficiently and effectively by automating Licensing, Permits, Compliance, and Freedom of Information requests.

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