Land Development Management

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Land Development Management

The planning department’s guide to perfect solutions for land development

Land development, including pre-consultation, draft approval, intake, to review approval and implementation, can be complex. It involves multiple stakeholders within the Planning or Development Services Department. Plus those in outside agencies, departments and interested parties such as citizens and businesses.

Many jurisdictions have a land development model for delivering services. The problem is that this does not take advantage of the full range of synergies between different activities and phases in the land development process.

What’s more, quick decision making requires efficient workflow and sharing of information amongst the stakeholders from time to time. This sharing is made more difficult by complex workflows that link agencies throughout the land development process.

Additionally, information is often stored in silos and outcomes from one phase are not easily accessible in subsequent phases. Work gets duplicated, leading to potential errors and inefficient processes.

How do you overcome these bottlenecks in land development? How do you make decisions faster and ensure stakeholder satisfaction? Learn more in The Planning Departments Guide to Solutions for Land Development Management.

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