Training & Certification

Take advantage of Calytera’s robust training and certification curriculum to maximize the value of Amanda™.

Amanda Training

Amanda Admin Training

Learn how to use and manage all key aspects of the platform for your team or department. That includes how to define and manage types of users, content, and access, understand the process rules of Amanda, write stored procedures and business rules for performing automated tasks, how to produce reporting, and how to use personalization so your team can create their own tabs and pages, plus how to set up notification templates for other users and stakeholders.

Amanda User Training

Get familiarized with the basic concepts of permits, business license and professional license solutions and the key Amanda functions. Learn how to use the key functionality in Amanda including adding, editing and managing records for people, property, and folder records.

Amanda Certification

Amanda Business Analyst (ABA)

Designed for Business Analysts who are the bridge between Amanda users and Amanda Administrators. Exam candidates must have sufficient knowledge about Amanda and understand the technology behind creation of folders, people, and property, including knowledge on Amanda Admin configuration and procedure triggers. Exam candidates should also understand how to identify procedural issues.

Amanda Product Specialist (APS)

Product Specialists with good knowledge on Amanda Administration qualify for this exam. Exam candidates must have similar knowledge as business analysts (see above) and will login as multiple users and navigate to different areas of Amanda, explaining how the tasks are performed while selecting relevant screenshots.

Amanda Configuration Specialist (ACS)

Exam candidates should be part of the core technical team and/or experienced with the configuration of Amanda. Candidates will need to build folder types and process types including writing, editing and updating business rules. ACS exam candidates should be technically sound in writing SQL scripts for SQL/Oracle DBs.

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