Licensing Solutions

Agricultural Licensing

Keep animal and human food supplies safe by streamlining your agricultural licensing process.

Automate your producer licensing process

  • Streamline the workflow of your agricultural licensing and easily check if all conditions for a producer’s license are met.
  • Collect complaints about premise conditions, share with other jurisdictions as necessary, and check information against national animal identification systems.

Enhance inspections with integrated laboratory information

    • Import ongoing laboratory test results into inspection systems.
    • Share data with producers online to help them minimize risk to animals and food on their premises.
    • Plan inspections with full information, test results, and risk assessments.

Effectively track diseases & vaccinations

  • Quickly and easily disseminate information to producers when animal diseases are expected or reported.
  • Stop the spread of disease by being able to locate the source of an outbreak and share that information with agricultural departments, veterinarians, and producers.
  • Track and manage required animal vaccination programs with producers.
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