Licensing Solutions

Professional Licensing

Automate and modernize your professional licensing process from new applications to renewals.

Easily digitize and manage licensee data

  • Store all applicant and license holder information in one central place.
  • Automate and streamline the professional licensing process.

Track education & certification

    • Track continuing education requirements, hours, and renewal fees, including exemptions.
    • Check carry-over hours and pro-rated hours based on business rules for each professional license type.
    • Automatically audit a licensee’s continuing education requirements.

Automate background checks

  • Automate criminal history background checks for applicants.
  • Monitor and manage all details and reports for discipline orders, including diversion programs.

Share testing & disciplinary action information

  • Easily integrate with testing systems and receive and manage results.
  • Proactively share data with third party information clearing houses and send disciplinary action reports as necessary.

Manage complaints & track legal actions

  • Centrally manage and track all legal action related to investigations and complaints.
  • Proactively monitor compliance with your disciplinary process.

Manage board meetings and legislative and regulatory requests

  • Generate comprehensive reports on licensing services for stakeholders.
  • Respond promptly to legislative, regulatory, or special requests.
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