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Supporting Health and Safety: Working with ICC In Support of Safe Buildings
November 5, 2018
By Calytera

The International Code Council (ICC) is an organization dedicated to developing model codes and standards used in the designing and building of safe and sustainable structures. Codes published by ICC provide safeguards for people at home, in schools and in the workplace — and are used in all 50 U.S. States plus the District of Columbia, and in many other jurisdictions including British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba.

Recently, members of the CSDC team supported the important work of ICC by participating in the 2018 ICC Annual Conference and Building Safety & Design Expo. Professionals engaged in all aspects of building safety and compliance attend the event. We were there to let them know how Amanda can help them stay on top of the latest code requirements, streamline processes that ensure compliance, and empower inspectors to work more efficiently so that their communities can both grow fast and remain safe.

There were multiple sessions about technology developments this year including sessions on building winning code professional teams, the latest technology solutions for building inspections, and capturing and using data.

One common theme the CSDC team heard from attendees was budget challenges that governments often face when trying to implement technology to keep up with a growing demand for building permitting and inspections due to increased rates of construction. Also, it is well understood that citizens expect governments to offer convenient online services through modern, citizen-facing portals. One thing that was clear to us is that the subscription model of Amanda makes sense to governments of all sizes. It helps them avoid a big capital outlay on new technology and makes it available to smaller communities with smaller IT budgets.

If you are looking for a solution that can help your mobile building inspection teams or make it more efficient to remain compliant with the latest safety codes, our Amanda software can help. Get in touch to set up a demo today!