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February 23, 2019
By Calytera

Governments of all types and sizes share some common objectives — building safe and prosperous communities for their citizens. Today that requires technology to help so that citizens can interact with government services online and data from various departments can be combined into a common data set so that it can be analyzed and actioned. Governments also need to invest budgets wisely and enterprise systems that interact with other technology and are flexible, scalable, and secure are a minimum requirement.

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Our Amanda platform meets those requirements for hundreds of government departments today. To help governments looking for a software platform that can help them attract and manage growth and build the smart communities of tomorrow, we’ve prepared a short video. It offers insight into Amanda’s modern interface, its broad range of functionality and flexibility, mobile apps and citizen portal features, and more. If you are a government looking for govtech software that enables you to build a safe and prosperous community — we are here to help. Contact us anytime to set up a demo.