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The Benefits of Using an Enterprise Platform Across Multiple Departments and Agencies
September 17, 2020
By Calytera

The pandemic has permanently altered many of the ways that governments operate and connect with citizens. Today, most governments are scrambling to meet the needs of their citizens while trying to navigate budget reductions driven by decreasing tax revenues. This means that governments need to increase their efficiency while lowering costs and working to protect and grow future tax revenues.

To meet these needs, many governments are turning to an enterprise system that can help them manage all regulatory functions (e.g., public health, building and planning, professional licensing, etc.) across multiple departments. This strategic enterprise platform approach creates many advantages for a jurisdiction including:

  • The elimination of what Deloitte terms “data silos” to increase a government’s ability to access the tremendous amount of data currently stored in different places and analyze it. From there strategic decisions can be made that encourage growth. In addition, having one common dataset improves the citizen experience and gives government a 360-degree view of citizens and businesses in their community – which often unveils opportunities for tax revenue.
  • Using one platform eliminates the need for multiple upgrades/updates for different systems on which IT must spend resources to manage. According to a McKinsey November 2019 paper, “Capturing Value from IT Infrastructure Modernization in the Public Sector,” during most modernization efforts, 20-30 percent of applications in use are not needed. Minimizing access points and applications also increases security for government IT systems. This application consolidation effort results in a lower overall cost for the organization.
  • Ultimately, it is better for government employees to have one system across a government. Information can be more easily shared, focus can be turned to citizen-centric efforts, and employees can easily change departments when desired. In the ongoing war for talent in which governments already compete with the private sector, moves like this can make public sector employment more attractive to the professionals a government needs to drive community growth.

When a government selects an enterprise software platform, one of the most important considerations is finding one that is flexible and extendible enough to accommodate the myriad of regulatory type activities for which governments are responsible.

While this remains one of the most challenging periods for governments in memory, it does remain a key time to take advantage of the low cost of technology, transform IT and digitize operations to gain needed efficiency and cost savings. Such moves will position governments to help their communities grow and prosper post-pandemic. If your government needs a flexible, scalable, and extendible enterprise platform, we would love to help. Contact us today.